Moving and Storage Tips for Large Families
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Moving and Storage Tips for Large Families

While I am the stay-at-home mother of six beautiful children, my husband works in a field that requires us to move frequently. The first time we had to move, it was just the two of us, and while it seemed stressful at the time, that ended up being the "easy" move! As our family has grown, the moving process has become much more time-intensive, and I learned that if I don't create a moving "to-do" list and go through it step by step, I forget to get important things done before we move. I know there are other families of all sizes out there facing moves soon, so I thought I would make a blog to share my moving and storage tips with everyone who needs them. Come back often, especially if you are moving in the near future!


Moving and Storage Tips for Large Families

Planning to Hire Movers? Figure Out What Cleaning Services to Get Before and After

Liam Morales

For some people, deciding between doing everything on their own during a move and hiring a moving company is not easy because there are pros and cons for both sides. When you have already decided that you will be getting help from movers, this allows you to start planning for the day. The best thing to do is to leave the home as clean as possible, regardless of whether you are renting or owning. It is a smart idea to determine the best cleaning services to get both before and after the move.


Something that you may want to take care of as soon as you begin packing is furniture cleaning. It may be tempting to focus on packing and moving and then taking care of cleaning later, but you do not want to bring an entire home's worth of furniture into your new home while everything is still dirty. It is easy for furniture to spread dirt, dust, and crumbs to other items in the moving truck used for transportation. The stains will also be harder to remove once you move because, the longer they sit, the more likely they are to stay.


Another service that you should be willing to get before hiring movers is house cleaning. This process will freshen up your home, which is perfect to do before the employees start packing up your items. It is essential to figure out the dates in which they will come over for packing to get the timing just right. You do not want to get a deep cleaning only for several weeks to go by before the packing begins. A freshly dusted home means dust will not get tossed around the home or left in the moving boxes.


While it is best to clean the furniture and house beforehand, you should do carpet cleaning afterward. The movers will do everything they can to keep the carpet clean while packing and loading, but it is almost inevitable for their work boots to have some dirt and grime that comes off during the whole process. By scheduling the carpet cleaning service for the day after the movers take off with the moving truck, you can feel confident that any dirt accumulated before and after this part of the move will be eliminated.

Keeping these tips in mind should lead to a smooth move and a clean home to leave from. For more moving tips, talk to companies like Quick n Careful Movers.