Moving and Storage Tips for Large Families
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Moving and Storage Tips for Large Families

While I am the stay-at-home mother of six beautiful children, my husband works in a field that requires us to move frequently. The first time we had to move, it was just the two of us, and while it seemed stressful at the time, that ended up being the "easy" move! As our family has grown, the moving process has become much more time-intensive, and I learned that if I don't create a moving "to-do" list and go through it step by step, I forget to get important things done before we move. I know there are other families of all sizes out there facing moves soon, so I thought I would make a blog to share my moving and storage tips with everyone who needs them. Come back often, especially if you are moving in the near future!


Moving and Storage Tips for Large Families

Tips To Help You With Your Next Move

Liam Morales

If you're planning on moving anytime soon, it's important to know ahead of time how to tackle the project. Whether you're packing up an entire house, or just a dorm room, it can still be stressful and time consuming. See below for helpful tips to use for your next move.


Go through your home and immediately begin removing items you no longer need or want. Taking these things out before you begin packing helps eliminate packing up unnecessary items with you, and can make unpacking a little easier on you as well. Toss things such as old makeup, expired medication, food that is past the expiration date, anything broken, as well as clothing and shoes with holes in it. Donate clothing, decor and other items that are still in good shape, but that you don't want any longer. If you have boxes of things that haven't been touched in the entire time you've been at your current home, get rid of it.

Change Your Address

Don't forget this step when moving. You want your mail (including those awful bills) to get to you at your new location. Be sure to remember to change your address with not just loan and billing companies, but with friends, family, insurance companies, employers, magazine subscriptions and doctor/dental offices. Put in a change of address at your local post office, but also submit this information to the above mentioned people and places as well just in case.

Find A Moving Company

Look for a reputable moving company to help you with your move. If you only have a few items and can move everything yourself, great, but if you have a lot of things, or are moving quite a distance away, using a moving company can be beneficial. Moving companies can get everything from point A to point B without you needing to lift a finger (or injure your back). Your items will be insured in the event of an accident or other damage, and you'll have piece of mind. Start looking for a moving company immediately to be sure the date you need will be available, as well as the proper size truck.

Start Packing

Begin packing up your home using new boxes (not used ones). You can ask your moving company about purchasing moving boxes of various sizes, as well as other specialty moving boxes and items to help make your move easier. Boxes such as clothing boxes that have a hanging rod inside, boxes for your fine china and fragile dishes, boxes with a grid inside for your glassware, and mattress protectors to use for your box springs and mattresses. 

Don't wait until the last minute to pack up your home. Take the time to get the job done right, and hire a residential moving company to have your boxes, furniture and other items moved for you.