Moving and Storage Tips for Large Families
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Moving and Storage Tips for Large Families

While I am the stay-at-home mother of six beautiful children, my husband works in a field that requires us to move frequently. The first time we had to move, it was just the two of us, and while it seemed stressful at the time, that ended up being the "easy" move! As our family has grown, the moving process has become much more time-intensive, and I learned that if I don't create a moving "to-do" list and go through it step by step, I forget to get important things done before we move. I know there are other families of all sizes out there facing moves soon, so I thought I would make a blog to share my moving and storage tips with everyone who needs them. Come back often, especially if you are moving in the near future!


Moving and Storage Tips for Large Families

How To Avoid Over-Packing Boxes

Liam Morales

When people are preparing for a move, they need to carefully pack all of their items to ensure that their movers have an easy job. Packing too heavy is a problem that plagues many moving companies. What kind of problems can over-packing cause? It can cause health problems with movers and even make your boxes fall apart while they are being moved. That's why it is important to take a careful approach to packing items.Here's what you need to know about packing efficiently.

Pack Opposite Your Instincts

When people start to pack their items for a move, they often start putting heavy objects in large boxes. This is a major mistake. Placing too many heavy objects in a large box can make it impossible to move. Instead, fill these large boxes with small items, like utensils and paperwork. Likewise, larger items should be placed in smaller boxes.

The one complication with this process is that it might make it trickier to stack the boxes. After all, heavy objects typically go on the bottom while lighter ones go on the top. With small boxes holding the heavier items, it is harder to gauge where to stack them. However, it is possible if these moving containers are cleverly labeled.

Labeling Boxes Properly

While moving boxes should always be labeled by the room in which they need to go, it is also wise to weigh each box and include this on the side of the box. Why? It gives the mover a guide for how much they are packing into their moving vans. Also, it provides them with an easier understanding of how much they can place on a box before it becomes a problem. It also gives them the chance to layer the boxes in a way that avoids busting any boxes or personal items.

Stacking Boxes in the Truck

When it finally comes time to stack boxes in the truck, it is important to use a careful method that avoids crushing any items. For example, the large boxes filled with lighter items can take up much of the floor room. They can then be carefully stacked on each other to increase their strength. Then, the smaller boxes with the heavier objects can be placed on top. In this way, nothing gets crushed and everything can be fit together in a nice geometric manner.

By following these simple rules, it is possible to create a healthier and easier lifting experience for movers.